Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hello Followers,

                        I placed my tumblr link down below and sorry if you visited it and found nothing amusing! I really want to expand my followers so I'm going to try to get more. I've been looking on and found some really cute clothing and accessories! I have two favorite shops on there this one has the darlingest dresses that are unique and one of a kind.                                                    
I really want this dress but my mother said "No, it looks like an Apron." Come on its soo cute! It is $85, and the link it above. My oldest sister Betsy who follows my blog agrees the back is one of the best assets of this dress.
Another Store on I like This store has many fun accessories and some clothing. This Sweater/Cardigan is only $28, but I don't think the size is right for me :( Also the maker this Sweater has many YouTube videos on Beauty and Fashion that are really fun and entertaining. So check out her YouTube channel! Also gclauds also has a blog here on Blogspot and : here is that.
This dress is the cutest thing I think I've ever seen! It is $95 but once again my mother said no. I really like this dress because it reminds me of my friend Lauren I was in Godspell with. Saucy times.  I think I like this dress because right now I am really in to the Nautical/Sailor themed apparel.
This other dress I found on is simple yet not and goes with my style but my mother once again said not but this time it was because it would make me look really white. Which is probably true because I admit I'm white as a ghost
This dress is $96, and the maker GinaMichlleEco can make it in sizes 2-10 and takes about 10 days to create.
I think the best part might be the back but also you can wear Black Lace Up boots (As Betsy calls them Statement Boots) And everyone who knows me knows I love those boots and could wear them everyday If that was possible, but I am not an outfit repeater. NO NO NO!

Ok! This coat by far is the most AMAZING coat I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly would cut off my arm for this, Eek that sounds a little self mutilating... Ohhh well! Anyways this coat reminds me of something Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter would wear! People would make fun of me for wearing this but honestly they are just jel@. This costs $298 and I know my family might disown me if i wear this but they just are timid when it comes to fashion, except Betsy. Also I know the only people at my school who wouldn't laugh would be my friends Baili and Rochelle.
The colors on this are a little unique I would go for the blue scheme but that's just me! 
This angle I think really sells this to me!

Sorry If this post is too long or anything, I just had so many cute items I wanted to share!! Also I want to make YouTube videos but I'm not sure what to make them on. I would also like in the near future to make an Esty shop because I enjoy making Headband & Jewelry. Please pass my blog around and comment on anything!  Also check out because that is the most fashionable person I know, my friend Baili's blog! Thanks for reading bye bye!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I recently found a new website i made an account for and here is the link

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Robot Unicorn

Hello, my three followers plus myself. I havent posted in awhile and I am sorry! My hair styles "a different one each day" is going strong, same with Baili's clothing challenge (sorry I dont know how to give the link but as soon as i figure it out i will) I will try to upload images of my hair its just I a little Tech challenges so ya that sucks. Also, You guys should all check out the game Robot Unicorn, it's really entertaining. You can play it on Facebook or on the iPhone/iTouch/iPad. I really recromend it, and the normal version is better than the heavy metal version which I thought I would never hear my self say that. So check that out! Oh and also i got my hair cut but not too short, but it wil make my hair challenge a little harder, wish me luck, bye bye!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hmm.. Im having sort of a blogger's block here... I have officially creeped out my whole pe class with my impersonation of Supermac18's I'm not crazy, Jack is.
I love this video so much! . Also check out more of Supermac18's videos on youtube. I'm trying to think of anything fun or out-of-the-ordinary that happened to me recently, but the only thing is I saw a street  called Clayton Street while driving to my sisters basketball game and that sorta kind made my life.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hair Styles!

I realized I post everyday but I guess thats okay. Well  starting tomorrow I'm going to have a different hair style everyday until the last day of school!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Obsession

My new obsession today is Skype. Someone persuaded me to get it, so I did and i wasted two hours talking to people haha.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Special Bond

Haha okay I get way to many randoms chatting me on Facebook. Okay well this one told me I needed a significant other, then told me this one guy and I should have a special bond... My life is full of unique things. Bizarre