Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Make Your Own Kind of Music!"

There is no better feeling than making an art, a craft, a musical piece, or something else and having people compliment you. Even if the only person who compliments you is yourself... What?! Yes. Oh, OK. Well, arts and crafts have always been a hobby and usually I tend to go through phases where I make a lot of creations. Recently, I have been making bracelets which my first big obsession of that began late 2010. Also, I have been knitting, which indeed I mentioned before.

All those bracelets I made, except for the brown band with the star.

Bracelets are fun and real basic to accomplish!

Creating music or an art, gives you this feeling that is too perplexing to describe, yet it is something like the feeling of after the gym or after a cat nap! Accomplishment... Yes, Indeed. No matter your passion sewing or theatrics do whatever makes you happy!

This post was inspired by a song by Mama Cass " Make Your Own Kind of Music. If you got sucked into the fantastic phenomenon of the television program "Lost", you may recognize this song. Therefore, that is where I discovered this song from!   (Skip to 45 seconds on this video!

 Now to feed my Vincent (from lost) obsession...
Doodle Whig!

What a dood!

Lego little Vincent!

Full cast minus the important Aaron and Vincent!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring is here... Well it has been for a little while now I just never got around to gathering new spring items in preparation for the sniffely season! Recently, I have been shopping but primarily purchases accessories but skimped on the clothing. Which isn't very wise, but you do what you do.. and its hard to change. Since splurging on Blackberry season jewelry and hair ornaments I am left with the choice of making stuff in my closet left over from winter work! Like, I had mentioned a few posts down, I am still really into fedora's and I picked up some new hats! So exciting!

   New Fedora! Floral Print very summer yet spring!
Goes with an assemblage of clothing, do to the many colors it has!

A better view of the fetching fedora!


Affirmative, the fashionable fedoras are beloved to me. Whenever, one is in sight it is no surprise I zoom over there and inspect!

Many Celebrities love to wear Fedora Hats!

Even men can work a Fedora! but not all men, just some :)

Dark grey, with a black stripe! This one gives myself the sensation of a darker more edgy style! That is probably why I do enjoy it!

Keep in mind Fedoras aren't for everyone, depending on your hair length and volume determines  the good look. Also, face shape contributes.
Indeed the image is a little unique but to me a hat is a hat and every head piece shall be valued! This next head topping , is more of a mix of a fisherman's hat and a sun hat. Escaping from my Fedora Fix, when I next spotted this tam o' shanter it was a prime example of love at first sight! To add to the wonders of this headdressesque item it was 30% off! Yay!

Enough for the hats for now! Currently, I am enjoying sporting the high waisted pants with a shirt tucked it. I feel it makes my short legs look longer, while this style on others makes them experiecne the reverse effect. I mainly adore patterned high waisted pants but solids are hellacious as well. 

High waisted shorts for those warm days! Loving the buttons!
My high wasted sailor pants :) one of my favorite outfits!!!

On the runway, high wasted pants are seen with a Bohmemian Top and a stylish belt! High pants trend from the 70's is coming back! Oh yes!!!

Critics said this was unattractive, but I think its cute! A nice pair of jeans and a fun vintage Tee!

 *Caution* while attempting to wear highwaisted pants/ shorts make sure you are wear proper undergarmets! Also, make sure they are not pulled up to high, so a camel toe doesn't form!

In the spring and everyother time I love to wear headbands in a hippie style!

A flowered headband, a flower child, What? Ya I went there.

Katie Cassidy, Hippie style!

Oh my gosh! This is darling! I want it!

Similar to mine! YAYA

 *Warning* Hippie Headbands are not for everyone so attempt see.

Next off is an outfit I love! I wore this to a funeral :( but the outfit is still great! I would have to say this is a vintage option.

Doggy Dress, Vintage Sweater, black tights, and wedge black heels! 

DANABAILEY* I love the whole thing!

What a pose! ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Name/ Url!!!!

Good evening! Excitement is in the air! Alright seven followers now, but even more exciting news! If you didn't notice the URL  and the blogs title has changed! It shall now be known as It's The Geek Guru. After long contemplating this is the name I settled on! So please pass around the  newfangled news, and also tell friends! And if you are viewing this and not a follower please follow. Thanks so much! Oh, one last comment, I am seriously thinking about adding some videos to YouTube, but I'm still on the fence so let me know if have any ideas.  Adios.

Monday, April 18, 2011

                                                                       White Stripes

Goodnight Blog Readers, see I knew it would sound like a goodbye, but no worries its not. I meant for it to be something along the lines of Greetings! Salutations! Hello! You get the gist, Alright well tonight I am going to talk about one of my many obsessions but this is about the best band ever THE WHITE STRIPES (yes they deserve caps lock.) The White Stripes are known as alternative rock.

 Well, to begin the band consisted of Jack White and Meg White. In 1996, Jack and Meg were married, and one year later the wonderful band The White Stripes came into bloom. With Jack leading strong on the vocals, keyboard, and guitar, while Meg was mastering the drums and an occasion chime of words the band was bound for success. Around the 2000's Meg and Jack were having some marital feuds, but don't all young couples? Well, Jack told reporters and tabloids that him and Meg were siblings. People spread that rumor around like butter! IT was only assumed they were an item, but never publicly announced. Mastermind Jack thought that if people thought they were brother and sister it would be more interesting that girlfriend and boyfriend or actually husband and wife. A year later, proof of there 1996 marriage hit the media and everyone now knew the truth. When that was released he claimed " I want people to care more about the music, not our relationship." As a result that whole mishap messed things up pretty well. in 2002 the Whites divorced but still kept the White Stripes strong and thriving. Some of their best music came when they were both single. Albums titled "White Blood Cells" "Elephant" and my personal favorite "Icky Thump" brought the most success to there band. February 2011, the band broke up :( do to creative differences. So sad! But all good things must come to an end eventually.

One of the many aspects of the band that I enjoy is their clothes! Jack and Meg used to always be spotted the three colors red, white, and black. I love those colors, and they authentically scream alternative and rock music. Also I like how all their songs were unique in their own personal way.


See red. white and black! Aw this is cute!
Personal Favorite I'm Digging the Outfits Big Time!!!!
You Go Meg! I love the swirled Drum!

A Christmas tango AW!

I like this one too! Its intense! WOO
I could add tons and tons more pictures but I'm cutting myself off!

My favorite songs by them happen to be....

1. "Icky Thump" ( best song ever!!!!)
2. "You Don't Know What Love Is" ( great, great!)
3. "We're Going To  Be Friends" (you might have heard this tune in Napoleon Dynamite)
4. "Little Cream Soda" (Brilliant, you may be skeptical at first but its magnificent!)
5. And various more I am not going to list!

Go on YouTube, iTunes, Pandora, or whatever and listen to them they are great!
Oh and a fun fact is Meg suffers from acute anxiety and I can first hand relate!

Here is " You Don't Know What Love Is" really cute!

"Icky Thump" Enjoy

Thanks sooo much for reading! Oh gosh I love the White Stripes, bye bye!

I can't resist a few more Pictures!!!

This is amazing!

Even at the Grammy's. Red. Black. White. Oh and I love Jack's shoes.
A kilt? Why yes, Indeed!

Swings how cute!

Okay bye now!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Top of the morning to you,

                                        6 followers woot woot! Well, I truly apologize for not posting in a long long time. I have been caught up in a ton of unique things... But also I have been taken captive AGAIN  by the wonderful world of literature and the wondrous world of video games. Yes, yes call me a nerd, if it makes you feel better. :) Well also I got my braces off, but that's just a minor detail.The scarf I mentioned earlier is now complete, and when I wore it to school got some compliments and of course mean stares. The stares I am used to by now, since I get them daily, but its just annoying. In addition, I am really into hats currently, to be more precise: Fedoras! Yay! I enjoy wearing a fedora on a sunny day or rainy day either one works. Fedoras are cute, and help block the Bipolar weather.


I had wrote a long caption about this, but it deleted and I am wayyy to lazy to rewrite it. So basic synopsis. Forever21. One of two fedoras I own. Wore it yesterday.

   Despite hats, I am also into Nautical themed apparel, as I mentioned in another post. The issue with nautical is that everyone else is finding a soft spot for it, so essentially its becoming a "Trend". Barf. Well I still like it just not as much. I need to decide what my new clothing style will be, but once again I;m drawing a blank.... Oh no! *grabs arm* haha wow I just quoted my Nobel Prize. Lame. What? Yes I called myself lame. Adjust. Alright, back on tangent.

Oh oh just for the fun of it I would like to review some books I have read!!!

First Novel, Rebecca by: Daphne Du Maurier

I had to read this for my English class. At first, I was very skeptical and close minded, but when I began reading I loved it! Out of 10 I would give it 8.5/10! It was truly one of the bests books I have ever read. I strongly suggest it!

Next book, is Crank by Ellen Hopkins_________________________________________________

This book I wasn't so sure about when I saw it because of the title and cover, but I needed a book, and once I opened it and saw the poetic format, I couldn't put it down. The issues in the book are far advanced beyond my age level, but I understood them and learned from it.  I would give this one a 6/10, but a point in a half were given for format and poetry so keep that in mind. Also, I've heard people get confused with the format, but I didn't so yah.

Next, next. Or should I say last, and kind of least haha Just kinda but not half by a point.  Burned by: Ellen Hopkins

This book was unique... but isn't everything. This novel, also had my much loved poetic format, but some parts in this book were too sappy and too predictable. Despite, that it was a heartwarming yet tragic story of a teenage girl. While reading this book I thought of my sister, not because she was like the main character in any means, because she was not at all. I repeat not at all. But it reminded me of her for other fun reasons. Haha that was a joke, yet I'm the only one laughing... Anyways also 6.5/10

So that is it! And I hope you enjoyed this post, and I will hopefully get back into the swing of things and post more often!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Good day to you, followers, and browsers,

5 Followers now, a little progress. I haven't posted in over a week, sorry I was busy with school and other nonsense. This week I have the standardized testing so I have no school work and plenty of free time. Speaking of the test, like really do peeople need that long of time, I was done and there was still an hour left... Whatever.. The messed up schedule is fun ;).

Since the last post, I have visited plenty of times and of course found cute stuff, but I dont want top have two posts in a row about Esty clothing.

I have mentioned before I wanted to make an Esty account and sell things but Im not really sure. I make tons of bracelets and recently widened my horizon to headbands and scrafs I'm currently knitting.

Natalie, my sister. Modeling the Button Headband I created.

Bracelets I made, please excuse Harry Potter's Chin haha. :)

I have the circular wheels and what I call "the picker" the purple tool in the center. I think I had a rectangle wheel but I am not sure where that is...
I started knitting on the knitting wheels or sometimes called looms, years ago when my grandma taught me. I stopped knitting for years and now started up again. Hopefully, today or sometime soon someone *cough* *cough* will  take me to get some new yarn at Michaels. I have had a giftcard to there for quite so time now. Thank the lord for control z or i would have just lost everything i have typed on here. Well I hope you enjoyed this post. See you and promote the blogg!!!