Monday, June 20, 2011

It's the 1970's?

      Hello! Hello! I really need a regimen for my blogging because it always seems I push it aside! Blogging came before my YouTube videos so I need to give it some respect!

Speaking of YouTube, I have recently posted some new videos and gained some new subscribers! Whenever I get an email for YouTube I get so excited! I strongly encourage you if you are fond of my blog to check out my videos.   

The 1970's summer fashion is coming back! 2011 is the new 1970 who would have guessed?

One of the 70's stand-outs is the Maxi Dress. Lately, this trend is sweeping the nation way faster than the Swine Flue. Almost every time I exit my household I see a female in a Maxi Dress. Personally, I do not own one. Mainly because I'm to short!

Instead of the heals shown above! Try wedges! You are never to young or old for wedges!

Another item coming back is the pleated skirt! I have one pleated skirt and it is pink with polka dots. I got my pleated skirt at Forever 21 for $9! The pleated skirt may scream school girl if its a neutral color but if its a bright popping color it yells "Fabulous"!

Too short for a school girl oww oww!

I love the detailing!

Floral and pleated? 1970's baby!

Next 2011 trend with the 1970 feel is the full length jumper! I do not own one, but my best friend Baili does!

                                                            Wedges! And floppy hat!

Other 1970 inspired articles include:

Floppy Brimmed Hats                              And color! Lots of color!

Platform Wedges

Floral Belts

Have a nice summer! And I'll post soon :)!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


        Buenos dias! It is sunny this summer's day, which this solstice is a rarity! First, before I get to the fun part I have to say something that might have possibly been pestering you. It was a debate for me to decide whether or not to capitalize the "The" in "It's The Geek Guru". Properly, in the wonderful world of grammar it would not rightfully be capitalized, but I broke the rules just to give it a little pizazz and to make it look bold and in your face. So, I apologize if that agitated you, and I would appreciate if you would adjust for the sake of festivity!
     Now to kick off the merry times... Nail Polish! Usually, I'm not a big fan with nail polish, but I found my absolute all time favorite! After, a recent visit to a new nail salon and a joyous experience I found this marine color. Eh, marine isn't the correct adjective to describe it, but oh well I didn't want to use the word "Blue". This color is called "Dating a Royal" and it is by no other than OPI. I've heard blue nails are "in" but I haven't really seen that. I authentically recogomend this shade to anyone and everyone! The downfall on this beafic tint is that not many beauty stores carry it. I tried my local Ulta and no luck, but I still will try other retail stores and if worse comes to worse the internet.(cue dramatic music) Dun dun dun dun