Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm back and all gung-ho to get my social networking fix! Woo! I have renamed my twitter, made YouTube videos and making a new post on my blog! So exciting! Summer, and excessive free time will do that to you. So like I have mention before, please please please follow and spread around!

Twitter: @hollybuddyholly


I know, my video quality isn't very good, but people can adjust I'm not too tech savvy.

Well, well still for the summer time, my number one trend happens to be no other than my favorite the high waisted shorts and skirts. (and throw in a pant or two)

I have this very skirt ( Forever 21 $15.80)

I love these! I want them, I have a similar pair in blue.

There is more to this post but I am tired so later later! Have a great Summer day and evening bye!