Thursday, July 28, 2011

Savings on Shorts!

Nordstrom is having it's huge sale and it ends on August first! I've popped into Nordstrom during the sale twice. One item that is a total steal is the Lily White Pocket Shorts. I have three pairs now: a red floral pattern, a Mesopotamia brown/tan pattern, and most currently a tie-dye purple white and orange pattern.

This is an example of the shorts in the color Black Multi

These are only $13.90 and they are very comfortable!

 Another pair of shorts I love and are super comfortable are the Knit Cuffed Shorts from Delia's. I have them in grey, and I was going to buy them in black also but they fit differently... Odd, I know. But on the Website they say they are $24.50 but I think, emphasis on the think they are cheaper. Also, at the store if you try on jeans you get a nice coupon.

Guru Goof-Up!

As you can tell there have been some changes to the blog, such as the background and some coloring. I was extremely disappointed in myself for making those switches because I couldn't find the perfect one that was legible for all. So, hopefully you will all agree that the one now is average enough!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One of the many...

One of the many pet peeves I have is when you think a book is going to be interesting and you predict the plot and the characters, and it ends up differently. I am experiencing that currently in the novel I am reading, and it is chapping me, quite badly.

Speaking of reading, I am disappointed in myself for not reading enough books this summer. To plead my case, I've read a some... but not enough.

Another pet peeve is when people say they don't enjoy reading, and they throw a hissy fit because they have to read a book. Honestly, I have no faith for this generation...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Recently, with the Summer closing in on us I have been lounging around in my pajamas most of the time which is something that needs to change. With school appearing on the corner we just turned left on, it's time for shoes for the new school year! Wohoo. Party. Party.

"No one is too young to wear wedges!" Don't remember where I pulled that one out of but somewhere. It is so true, wedges give you that height boost to shorted people such as I and are still comfortable and easy to walk in.

Now enough with the wedges now boots!

I can't wait to wear these, I have once. I need to keep these hidden form my sister Natalie or else she'll nab them and scuff them!

I want these in every color! Mainly the Black and Cream

A fun little tip! A great place to purchase shoes is DSW. When you are these I suggest you go to the back of the store in the clearance section! Great deals, great deals!

Shoe Snap shots

Black Combat boots similar to the ones above!

Black Wedges

Betsy and I


Mimi & Roger
 Any role, in any play? Mimi Márquez, from Rent. I would choose Mimi not only because of her risque dancing but because she has some of my personal favorite songs including: "Light My Candle" "Out Tonight" and "Another Day" she also has great chunks in " La Vie Bohème A & B". Plus, Mimi's love interest is Roger Davis, said to be the heart throb and most attractive. But, personally I like Mark Cohen, the independent film maker and Roger's roommate.

Mark Cohen

Rent is one of my favorite musicals out there, if you didn't already know from my bursts of singing, quoting, or from my biography on this blog. I knew about Rent when I had heard the movie was coming out in 2005. I was a young girl, at the age of 9. I didn't see the movie though, until 2011. I knew the hit song "Seasons of Love" and that was about all. I started listening to Pandora the online radio station, and while I was listening to tunes from "Hairspray" and "Joseph" I came across "Light My Candle" from Rent. What can I say? I fell in love with it. I started listening to a Rent station on Pandora and found more marvelous songs. One day while browsing at Target I saw the DVD Rent, and so I purchased it. Once, I got to my home I popped in the DVD and feel into the wonderous abyss of Rent. I found a friend who also enjoys Rent, and often times her and I converse over it. We also sing duets and quote lines... Fun times! So, pretty much that is my story of Rent. It would be a dream come true to see the Broadway play Rent, but that's not particularly feasible.

Songs from Rent I enjoy include:

"One Song Glory"                   "Tango Maureen"               "Today 4 U"

''Rent"                                     "Light my Candle"               "Take Me or Leave Me"

"Another Day"                         "Out Tonight"                      "La Vie Boheme A & B"

"Seasons Of Love"                     And pretty much the whole rest of the soundtrack!

Gives me chills!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Holly's Guide To Making Friends...

 I might have limited friends but the way to finding true friends is what I have resting under my belt. Here goes nothing.

Way Number 1.) If the person is the opposite gender of you (runs more smoothly if you are a girl and the attempt for a friend is a male) simply go up and feel their hair. If they have no problem and shrug it off that's a sign of friendship. On the other hand if they say cruel words and run or hit hand away that could be an issue... Just could.

Number 2.) To make a friend, simply send a facebook chat/or message. Other social network site also work too. If they reply, and keep a nice steady conversation a bond is born. If they one word you or flat out ignore you then that's a problem.

Number 3.) Probably the most sane idea, meeting a person through another friend. Casual small talk, a joke or two, maybe even a slip of digits.

Number 4.) Sane like number 3, introduce yourself to fresh faces by joining an activity you enjoy. Examples including; Theater, Sports, Chess Club and various other places.

Number 5.) Casually walking up to someone in the school yard or classroom and engaging in conversation is a way to make friends.

  I suppose the person with limited friends shouldn't be talking about making friends but these are simple ways to kindle a friendship.