Thursday, July 28, 2011

Savings on Shorts!

Nordstrom is having it's huge sale and it ends on August first! I've popped into Nordstrom during the sale twice. One item that is a total steal is the Lily White Pocket Shorts. I have three pairs now: a red floral pattern, a Mesopotamia brown/tan pattern, and most currently a tie-dye purple white and orange pattern.

This is an example of the shorts in the color Black Multi

These are only $13.90 and they are very comfortable!

 Another pair of shorts I love and are super comfortable are the Knit Cuffed Shorts from Delia's. I have them in grey, and I was going to buy them in black also but they fit differently... Odd, I know. But on the Website they say they are $24.50 but I think, emphasis on the think they are cheaper. Also, at the store if you try on jeans you get a nice coupon.

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