Sunday, July 24, 2011

Holly's Guide To Making Friends...

 I might have limited friends but the way to finding true friends is what I have resting under my belt. Here goes nothing.

Way Number 1.) If the person is the opposite gender of you (runs more smoothly if you are a girl and the attempt for a friend is a male) simply go up and feel their hair. If they have no problem and shrug it off that's a sign of friendship. On the other hand if they say cruel words and run or hit hand away that could be an issue... Just could.

Number 2.) To make a friend, simply send a facebook chat/or message. Other social network site also work too. If they reply, and keep a nice steady conversation a bond is born. If they one word you or flat out ignore you then that's a problem.

Number 3.) Probably the most sane idea, meeting a person through another friend. Casual small talk, a joke or two, maybe even a slip of digits.

Number 4.) Sane like number 3, introduce yourself to fresh faces by joining an activity you enjoy. Examples including; Theater, Sports, Chess Club and various other places.

Number 5.) Casually walking up to someone in the school yard or classroom and engaging in conversation is a way to make friends.

  I suppose the person with limited friends shouldn't be talking about making friends but these are simple ways to kindle a friendship.

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