Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Recently, with the Summer closing in on us I have been lounging around in my pajamas most of the time which is something that needs to change. With school appearing on the corner we just turned left on, it's time for shoes for the new school year! Wohoo. Party. Party.

"No one is too young to wear wedges!" Don't remember where I pulled that one out of but somewhere. It is so true, wedges give you that height boost to shorted people such as I and are still comfortable and easy to walk in.

Now enough with the wedges now boots!

I can't wait to wear these, I have once. I need to keep these hidden form my sister Natalie or else she'll nab them and scuff them!

I want these in every color! Mainly the Black and Cream

A fun little tip! A great place to purchase shoes is DSW. When you are these I suggest you go to the back of the store in the clearance section! Great deals, great deals!

Shoe Snap shots

Black Combat boots similar to the ones above!

Black Wedges

Betsy and I

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